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HIPAA and Electronic Health Records

US Government Agency for electronic Health Records ( EHR):

NOTE-There is NO mandate to be all electronic by 2014 unless the office is 65% medicare.

HOWEVER- as of April 8,2014, Windows XP is no longer HIPAA compliant 

Massachusetts Privacy laws are among the toughest in the nation. HIPAA on steroids. Here is information from law firm Nixon Peabody that does a good job of explanation Privacy Regulations

Information/Image sharing HIPAA compliant services for email, patient information and more  

eDossea- HIPAA compliant information sharing

RecordLinc- Information and data sharing. They actually copy your office data on to their secure servers and share it securely. This also acts as an online backup of data. Larger file sharing- free up to 50 MB files. HIPAA compliant (now called

Patient Education

CurveEd- free patient education system- user must refer 2 new clients for full access

CAESY Cloud-  get the CAESY content on any browser for a low monthly fee. New Apps for network and tablets

 DDSGP    an App for your tablet, phone or computer for $400

   CAESY Now online


   Digidentist The Dental Wizard

XCPT Using your patientís X-rays or digital images, XCPT allows for real-time treatment planning with a patient participating at your side. With
XCPT, the doctor and staff quickly draw or graphically drop crowns, implants, notes, and more right on their own images. In this way, the patient is able to see the plan of treatment and projected outcome. 

BiteFX amazing animations of Occlusion, TMD

Perio Charting electronic perio probe NEW- voice activated VOICEWORKS (info on the website) unique foot controlled mouse with buttons for perio charting. New model is wireless

    New product from Dentalrat- Boomer the foot mouse 

    Perio Risk Assessment

Periodontal Treatment of the future

Sirona Periosccan         detects calculus and scales it off! Not yet available in US

Orange Dental PAD Unit  PAD- Photo Activated Disinfection. Not yet approved by FDA. Uses LED light and tolonium chloride solution in the pocket to kill the bacteria in the pocket.

Kavo Key3 Laser- seek and destroy calculus- Available outside US including Canada- Key3 laser video from 2011  (video in in German). click here-this info is from an office website

Kavo Diagnodent  attachment for calculus detection perio tip


Eco Dentistry Association- this new organization is raising awareness to practitioners and manufacturers about being "green', saving resources, reducing energy consumption as well as reducing waste.

Keyboards and mice ( is that the correct plural?) There are many products that will allow disinfection of these devices to avoid cross contamination. According to Rella Christensen of CRA high ethyl alcohol content cleaners are sufficient for this type of disinfection. Lysol is one of these products.  There are also several covers and barriers made for keyboards. Some are universal covers while others are custom made for each major keyboard manufacturer.

These products are washable and can be sprayed down:

Virtually Indestructible Keyboard  (look under "products")  Note: I have seen a similar product in Staples 11/08 has a number of washable keyboards/ mice and combinations has a number of washable keyboards/ mice and combinations

Econo-keys lower cost dishwasher safe keyboards with touchpads or mice. has the Medigenic keyboard- has a skin built over a keyboard- it is sealed and effectively a flat surface to spray or wipend has a glass topped touch sensitive keyboard called Clean Keys waterproof

    SmallPC another distributor of washable keyboards

Protective covers:           Viziflex Seels              Protect Computer products       new easy on easy off covers

Network Backup program: Karen's Replicator- free for home use- fee for commercial use- can back up your computer files easily over a network  from one computer to another, or to an external drive, or other backup device. It can be programmed for to do this any time of day or night. (Karen Kenworthy died in April 2011- her family said they will continue the site)

Paperless Office Software   these programs allow patients to fill out forms electronically. Some are online, some are in office, some are both   (Dentforms)  (Paperless Technologies) 

Xpaper Amazing Logitech Pen - you write on paper forms and they are instantly transformed to digital paper. Watch the demo to understand it. 

Insurance attachments    allows you to send xrays, perio charts, documents, photos etc all to insurance companies totaly digital and HIPAA compliant. No more lost xrays at the insurance company.          Sign up your office at this link. NEA signup   use promo code PFZ 

Web based Practice Management Software

Curve Dental - all information online in "the cloud"

    Curve Ed free patient education software also listed above

ICE Dental - all online system

PlanetDDS- online

New Dentrix cloud version just announced. Dentrix Ascend 

Carestream Cloud is also out.

Clinical Notes Software

easynotespro- macros for the PM software

verinotes- macros for PM software

Office intercom

   Amtel- a traditional light/text system- Look for them at most dental meetings. Say hi to Jack- a dental meeting fixture.

Light simulations on computer networks:   


   Smoke Signals Software

   SoftCom (

 VENGA- not sure if it is around

Bluenote new product from Dallas

Illuminated Mouth Prop Evacuation system       ISOLITE ( mouth prop/tongue-cheek retractor/illumination

Mr Thirsty ( Zirc)

DryShield   Autoclavable mouth props

RIBBOND Shameless Plug for a friend- Fiber reinforcement for periodontal splinting and transitional bonded bridges. 

    Dr. David Rudo is a fixture and legend in the dental industry. 

Oral Health Care

Sonicare toothbrush- look at the website to learn more about this product- It's more than a toothbrush. New Diamond Clean can be charged via USB

OMNII pharmaceuticals- Several products including SootheRX and Fluoride varnish (and InspektorPro)

Oral B Triumph 

Oragenics- Evora Pro probiotic mints that change the balance of the oral flora and improve oral health

next sections need consolidation

Practice Management Add-ons to enhance your practice email, text automated reminders and more

Smile Reminder   Part of SolutionReach reminders, practice analytics and more functions above plus patient access to records, many online services, websites, more

Lighthouse 360    -totally automated appointment reminders and more. 

Dental Sesame- comprehensive online management including patient portal to information total solution for patient contact, websites and more. Now owned by Intuit

   Televox- Housecalls


  Dental Senders- part of 1800 Dentist practice management data analysis Dental Office Optimizer NOW- free version for basic service.

DoctorBase -in addition to reminders and surveys this service encourages patient comments. I also sets up and easy to use blog for the office.

Entertainment items mentioned.

Dr. Howard Elson's Comedy Album is available at

The Acappella  music (The Voca People) is at

Pentatonix Daft Punk

Dental Continuing Education

VivaLearning- Courses, Webinars and tutorials- over 250 to choose from.  a new blog. checking on this 8/2015.

Remote Access Full remote access and file transfer for a monthly fee  NO LONGER FREE. need to buy Pro version for full access.

Virtual Study Models


  OrthoCad  (part of CADENT which distributes iTero and is now part of Align Technologies

Dental Blogs   

                       Lorne Lavine : The Digital Dentist

                        Marty Jablow

                       John Flucke 

                       Dental Economics From the Editors blog

                        Full Osseous Flap's Blog interesting look at the world by a dentist 

                        Paul Feuerstein Blog is inactive due to use of  FB Paul Feuerstein, DMD Dental Technology and Twitter @drpaulf


        From Patterson- Robust system- on site and cloud backup -instant disaster recovery.

    Uninterrupted Power Supply- UPS (battery backup)- A must for every computer in your office. If you were in the middle of a process and the power goes out there could be data corruption       APC, Tripp, Blackout buster

      Karen's Replicator -automatically backs up files from one computer ( or folder ) to another. Set up multiple backup     folders  for different days. This can be downloaded for free for home use. You should pay for it if you use it in the office- She sells a disk for about $30.  Karen Kenworthy passed away in 2010 but her family says they will continue her site.


    Most popular antivirus          Norton, McAfee      Free version for home- low cost version for office. automatic daily updates.( to get the free version you have to search for   "AVG free"

          Avast - very powerful- there is a free home version and a low cost commercial version.

            Online- Housecall Free home/39.95 pro- free updates


Hoaxes/virus info

Dental Resource Online Groups

      IDF- Internet Dental Forum  was ACEthetics and before was Gener8Next. Run bu Mike Maroon, Tim Hale, Tom Hedge and others.

     Dental Town   online info and newsletter. Look for column Ask Marty- Marty Jablow DMD has a lot of great tips.

Free Practice Management Newsletters  

Sally McKenzie  click on "subscribe now

Anita Jupp, LeeAnn Shipowick ( Advanced Dental Education institute) 

Lorne Lavine, Tom Snyder, Joel Harris and Sally McKenzie all join together for this free newsletter 

High Doherty- Financial advice- to subscribe for free newsletter send email to 

Interesting sites (random list)  Fun fake teeth rap on ( excellent cosmetic dentistry site) This is only one example of many excellent dental office sites.

    Dental Websites That Work A book by Larry Barsh and Rod Kurthy. A new primer on how to design and develop a practice website.

   Mike Barr has a great new book on dental websites