Free Online Storage (Based on PC World )

There are several sites that allow you to store your own information on the web, instead of your hard drive. This has many purposes. First of all it is a simple backup. Of course, there could be security problems although most of these are at least minimally password protected. Second, you may want to be able to access certain files from both home and office.Or if you are on the road with your laptop, or have access though someone else's computer, this is a wonderful ides. It is simple than carrying around a lot of spare disks. In my own case, I can keep a copy of my lecture files online, in case something goes wrong with my laptop ( or it disappears!). Another use is storage of music files like MP3 so they don't clog up your hard drive. and finally, it can be used to hold files that you don't want anyone to see if they look in your computer. Some of the sites allow you to share these files with other people, with the correct password. The downside is that transferring large files is slow ( on a standard modem) and the sites give a small area for free. Of course they all offer larger space for a fee, but most are nominal if you need this service. Check all of these.

FreeDisk Space ( 25 MB free), FreeDrive ( 20MB free), IDrive ( 25MB free), JustOn,

NetDocuments   Mozy (2 GB for free)