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Computers/ Hardware

Computer companies (MA, NH- although they all ship)

PC Depot- Nashua New Hampshire- Great prices. Very knowledgeable- ask for Jonathan

DKNT computer- Waltham MA- fabulous prices, reliable, free delivery within 30 miles. Ask for Khang- He has gone the extra mile for his customers. He will ship anywhere.

PC's for Everyone-Cambridge, MA- comprehensive site for custom building your own PC-    

Comlink (Burlington MA). John is a wizard. He has built most of my computers and can troubleshoot your systems. Pricing is great and he treats Dr. Paul's friends very well. I have no connection other than getting good service due to my referrals.             

Computer Companies -(National/Web/Mailorder)

Tiger Direct A good online site, but an even better catalog. You will learn a lot if you study their catalog. Request one. Good prices on systems, software, peripherals.

Surplus Direct Great prices on out of date or refurbished computers, components and peripherals- weekly specials and auctions- (part of

ONSALE Online Auction Supersite! Computers as low a $1 ( if you are the only bidder...)

CDW ( Computer Discount Warehouse) Highly rated, dependable and excellent online computer information

Thinkstuff  If you need any wire, cable,connector, extension cord, switchbox this place has it all AND the prices are amazing. They are can also help you if you don't quite know which connector you need.

Hardware Links

watch here for the latest add-ons to your computers. Networking, backups, etc. This section is being updated. 

Arcoide has an array of Data Protection solutions. DupliDisk was their original product and has not developed an array of helpful products. 

Extra Network Storage/ Alternate Server

With the accumulation of multiple images from your intraoral and digital cameras, and the digital radiographs, you my actually find yourself running low on disk space. Most of you don't want to open up the computer and add another hard drive, or buy an additional computer. There is a new product called Snapserver from Quantum. If you have a network with a hub, you just plug this box into the wall, plug it inot the network hub and it is ready to run. It takes under 15 minutes to set up. The cost for a 10 Gig unit is about $500, 20 Gig about $1000.

Kano Technologies- This company have an aray of products- the surevault is an external 2-3 removable drive system- RAID drives. Easy setup via USB or Firewire.


Internet sharing:

Sharing Internet Connections and keeping them secure