Imaging, Intraoral Cameras


Thumbs Plus- this is the easiest and least expensive image management product. It is a great image sorting porgram and can do very limited image modification- not for cosemtic imaging- for that you need the other products here, btu this is a great backbone. 30 day free trial download. Also great fro you home photo collection.

ImageFX   From SciCan corp. . A highly rated program. SciCan also sells a very easy to use digital camera. Recently thye have introudcued a module that will work well with the new Air Techniques Scan-X Phosphor plate Digital Radiography ssystem.They also have some new intraoral cameras.If you have Image FX you may not need any other sorting program.

DICOM-Now Kodak Cosmetic Imaging Module.  Was part of the Practiceworks group of products. The program helps manage files, and edit images.  . This is oneof the most comprehensive imaging systems with excellent support. They also have camera packages and other information on their site.

( Note: DICOM is a set of specifications and standards endorsed by the ADA. It stands for Digital Imaging of Communications in Medicine.It is hoped that by establishing a standard, there will be an easy exchange among offices and of course, insurance companies. )

Digident A full resource for your software and hardware imaging center. Digital Dentist software is available for your own imaging or you can get a complete package inluding camera, software and support at a reasonable cost. Also links to highly rated seminars about imaging by Dr. David Traub. Imaging package yields professional results and is very comprehensive. Look at the Lorin Library- Lorin Berlands' wonderful smile designs.

Vipersoft One of the most popular imaging systems. Several modules available. Excellent interface for capturing images from any intraoral camera. This is a comprehensive package and has many features and modules. Part of the Schein/Dentrix line.

Imaging Suite- Lester Dine's Pixel Ease software. They package this with a well designed digital camera. The company is one of the oldest and most respected in our industry

OR if you don't want to do it yourself, pay a small fee to a service:

smile-vision- is a service of a dental lab. Send your photo to them and they will do the before/after and send it back in a beautiful package to present to your patient. This lab also presents imaging seminars. In the New England area many are given by Dr. Marty Goldstein of CT. He is a practical down to earth speaker.

DaVinci Lab in California also provides a very good imaging service. Their lab work is also quite stunning. Master lab technician Daniel Materdomini has been recognized worlwide.Some of thire work has been on tTV's extreme makeover.

SmilePix- is a service that wil do imaging for you. They also have "specials" tha bundle digital cameras such and the Nikon 4500 with their service.

Cameras (Intraoral)

RF systems- completely wireless, handheld unit. Unique design. About the size and feel of a Sonicare. Current models are DP5 whcih has a capture button ( no memory)and SS-24 which has capture as wellas memory to hold over 40 pictures in the camera itself. The new Einstein has a higher resolution and in being sold and service int eh US by Video Dental.  There is an optional USB interface ( no video capture card necessary) for an additional $290.  No bulbs- it uses new white LEDs. No focusing necessary- one setting for all pictures. Quality is not as sharp as some more expenisve, hard wired units, but acceptable. Easiest to use. The company currently does most of  its sales and support directly from Japan, except Video Dental as noted.

Digital Doc continues to have a spectacualr image along with its wireless image transfer with the Aurora. The Evolution is a camera system including montor- an all in one solution.

Video Dental Concepts- Quick Cam- very small, light and portable and one of the best images.New unit has a true digital output and has a unique docking system.The company has been around for over 10 years, and founder Claude Berthoin is one of the intraoral camera pioneers. They also have all video supplies, help with networks and repair most cameras.They also have a digital radiography system.

CamSight has a very small and comfortable "wand" and extremely sharp image

Optum Camera Very lightweight unit. Available from Integrated Laminate Systems, Northboro, MA 508-393-2078. Ask for Rudy or Chris for full information

SpectraVu/ITC Self contained unit HDDI camera (800) 549-2727

Gendex  now has Accucam Concept IV a traditional high quality cmaer and the new Accucam Concept IV FWT ( firewire connected)  . The cameras  have a very sharp image. A unique feature is an iris like light source that truly adjusts to the available light in each situation..They also make the simpler eZ1.

Cygnus Technologies ( Now Progeny Dental) Cygnasope camera is the first firewire connection. This is a finely made camera, built in Scottsdale, AZ to rigid specifications. ( I had a chance to tour this facility 4/2000). All top of the line components.

DMD Telicam was a very popular, lower cost camera system. The company has goneout of business. I wlll find a reliable resource here for continued maintenance as there are a large number of these units out there. Two companies that have been posted on the IDF were: Den Med  714-532-1107, and Medical Dental Diganostic Systems 800-327-1512

Air Techniques has the new Acclaim. This is a slim,ergonomic unit that can fit on a handpiece holder. Excellent image qulaity and simple focusing. Connects to a control box, with or witout memory, whicn in turn has a USB connection to the computer.

SciCan has a new line of cameras- the Ultimate LED model the newsest and sleekest. They continue to sell the workshorses Classic III and Microvision cameras.

Schein  (Dentrix) has the ImageCam which integrates seamlessly with Dentrix as well as other PM systems.

Acteon has the Sopro line wich they sell direct and license for other comptnies to barnd with their own labels. It is a simple, inexpensive solution. There are a few models to choose from.

Kodak has the model 1000 which connects to a docking station which in turn goes directly to your PC via USB. It seamlessly integrates with Practiceworks and Softdent as well as other PM systems.

Kavo (ergocam) , A-Dec, Sirona, Dental Ez and other chair/unit manufacturers have intraorla cameras that integrate into their units.

Intra Oral Camera Supplies/Repairs/Networks

Video Dental Supply They have printers, film and other video supplies. They will also repair any intraoral camera around. If you send them your floor plan, they will give you a complete wiring diagram for your cameras, monitors, etc. down to how many feet of cable you have to buy.

Batteries for digital cameras Thomas Distributing If you need an extra set of rechargable batteries or chargers, here is the place. Giant selection, rapid service.

Digital Cameras

Photomed has been helping dentists for many years. They are at most major dental meetings and have a variety of cameras from siimple to professional. They carefully put camera kits together for optimal use by dentists. Look for Mike McKenna at the meetings- he is a wonderful resource. Click here for common questions and answers about digital cameras.

Norman Camera in Kalamazoo Michigan has become a great resource for dental photography thanks in part to a meeting between Dr. Tony Soileau and Andy Thompson that has propelled Andy to the top tier of photographic experts in dentistry. Brett Baeir is also on the dental staff to answer your quesitons.

Lester Dine has been around for years. A solid company with solid service.

National Camera- Rick Spauding and his team sell at competitive prices and Rick will naswer your technical dental questions. They are located in Minnesota.

Kodak has an all in one solutionwith the 7590 camera kit. It comes with a macro lens and ring flash adaptor sepcificall designed for dental use. THe docking staion prints 4x6 photos at the touch of a button.  They sell through many of the dental dealers as well as some of the companies listed above.