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Technology review and workshop- page 1

This is a listing of many of the products discussed in the presentation. Some meetings print this out before this presentation.  If you have a specific question, you can reach me via email at Note that inclusion in this list is informational and does not indicate an endorsement. I apologize in advance for any products or companies that are not included. Note that some additions and changes will occur on the podium.  The handout is just a sketch of what you have seen and heard. 

This page has 4 years worth of links to products. Updating is a full time task. Some of the links are no longer functional. Many have to be re-categorized. During 2016 I am trying to re-sort these. If you come upon a dead link or incorrect information, please email me at as I continue in this quest.

New Products  including introductions at  ADA Annual Sessions,  and Chicago Midwinter, IDS- stay tuned for 2015 reports

                 IDS Germany 2011, 2013 and 2015 had a number of new product introductions. Many products are pre-release and waiting for approval. Video from some of these meetings                                         IDS 2011 Video     and  IDS 2013 Video

IDS Germany 2015 new products

Tour Down the Aisles ADA, IDS and Chicago- various products- not all mentioned in lecture

NEW 2016 Kovanaze nasal anesthetic for 8 upper anteriors terrific resource for social media practice marketing low cost intraoral cameras. Also teledentistry portal- remote diagnosis. multi functional serice with social media, web presence and more Shofu Eye Special C II camera- multiple modes, anti shake, excellent shade matching mode   new carestream 3600 intraoral scanner Electronic authorization of users as they enter and leave treatment rooms send and receive text messages from your office landine gift cards for your patients- rewards for referrals, etc.

NEW 2015- Uncategorized right now:  find a dentist  and make an appointment online ( Baton Rouge LA) New intraoral impression scanner, new laser mill New from Heraeus Kulzer inexpensive in-office mills inexpensive  diode lasers,  new perio lasers  Swiss made wide array of toothbrushes and interproximal brushes including extra soft new tips with holes for less tissue grab and  easy "swishing" illuminated autoclavable bite blocks just what it says buffered lidocaine system

............................................................................................................  needle less injection system  patient make their own appointments  interesting charting on a tablet     spread over 1000 odors throughout your office      Lozenges to create new bacteria balance in the mouth          lighted camera mirror with fan      integration of radiographs, images etc on a tablet  headlights, head cameras and more crown removal device  new design forceps for easier less traumatic extractions  Simple effective crown removal device  Rectangular collimation and aiming device for xrays reducing radiation and increased sharpness of image  emergency kits, online system for HIPAA compliance and more ebite intraoral lighting/bite block system  for all of your photography needs- new - Polar-Eyes reduces glare in photos  Simple instrument for tighter interproximal contacts Patient communications, confirmations with e services and more  parent company of smilereminder  ONSET local anesthetic buffering system for rapid onset of anesthesia ( now pare of Orpharma- Arestin)

                    info onbuffered local anesthetic: New anesthetic buffering system Yelp for your pracatice- change oh to your state or city  Angies list for your practice- change oh to your state or city  Lucite/glass keyboard  digital dentures  Great anatomy program for teaching  Drug database with dental implications. Also new Oral lesion diagnostic module Visual Dx Oral   Home sleep test   impression scanner from 3M that integrates with almost all other systems.  TRIOS Intraoral impression scanner now with HD, full color and shade matching  Glidewell Labs entry into digital impressions and milling.

Digital Impression systems

 CEREC Omincam- Sirona  Complete solution for same day crowns. Seamless integration with Sirona Conebeam  Can go to lab with  CERECCONNECT

Planmeca-Fit/      former E4D all integrated into Planmeca's product -Complete solution for same day crowns. Seamless integration with Planmeca Conebeam

iTero Element  - Align Technologies

True Definition -3M

CS 3500 Carestream Dental  Complete solution for same day crowns. Seamless integration with Carestream Conebeam . New 3600 faster and better color

TRIOS 3Shape  Fast, full and TRUE color open system. New monochrome version at a lower cost. Upgradeable.

         Dental Wings Intra Oral Scanner (        

     Lythos by Ormco  (Kavo)

htClon3d-iodis     In development


Computer Restorations- In office scanners- export to labs-

E4D Sky- Studio- multitude of online options

3Shape TRIOS Full color scans

IOS3D- FastScan- current distribution by Glidewell labs

Clon3d- in development

Hint-els - Direct Scan- in development (not much information 2015)   from Austria Acquired 2015 by GCEurope. Might launch later 2015 early 2016 Dimensional Photonics  No information except this

Densys3D - Israeli company in final testing - still waiting for official US launch.  future ultrasonic system

All of these sytems have a base in the software of GeoMagic. The company is unique and the CEO, Pin Fu is a remarkable person. Read it here.

Geomagic/ Ping Fu Story Geomagic was aquired byt 3D systems where she is now.

Digital Impression Updates

December 2013- Planmeca assumes E4D along with Ivoclar and Henry Schein.

Now all one company Planmeca FIT


New chairside mills that will integrate with most systems:

Biolase introduces chairside mill system

IOS3D (Glidewell labs) introduces chairside milll

Roland introduces DWX4 chairside mill under $18,000 ( dry mill for blocks like LAVA Ultimate)   

                New wet mill for other materials


Digital Radiography

Sensor links (these are just  few in no particular order)

 Schick 33 Sensors ( by Sirona)               many configurations, user replaceable wire, wireless option

 Dexis Platinum Sensor       one size very comfortable sensor. Hi resolution images

Gendex GXS-700 sensors     3 sizes, similar images to Dexis

Planmeca Pro Sensor HD   with very flexible wire ( they say unbreakable) and quick disconnect ( magnetic) also to prevent breakage if patient moves suddenly. Also totally immersible

Carestream Dental Sensors   evolution from the very first Trophy Sensor, then Kodak now Carestream. Very high resolution sensors. 4 models including wireless and "economy"

Suni     Thinnest sensor in the marketplace

 XDR  Very high resolution images due to sensor design and special software.

 QuickRay Sensor      Sold by  Video Dental Concepts Lower cost high quality

Myray introduced the    X-Pod sensor    with iPod sized viewer with screen and memory card for instant viewing with no computers necessary in the treatment room.

        PSP phosphor plate sensors

Gendex/Denoptix,  AirTechniques ScanX, Carestream CR7400, Instrumentarium Optime, Acteon

Film scanner/digitizer

VIDAR Film Scanner/Digitizer A new high resolution xray digitizer (more than a scanner) that is an efficient method of copying old radiographs and films from other offices. It is also a low cost method of going digital for film users who, for whatever reason, still have not gotten sensors or put computers in the treatment rooms. Now part of 3D Systems


     Xray Vision Assistant

Sensor Aiming Devices  xray holders new company from New Zealand with simple xcp holder for film, phosphor plates and selected sensors

ClickRay- Economical new series of sensor holders developed by a dentist

Trolldental Kimera    sensor holders color coded, easy to use

Tru Align aiming system- uses rectangular collimation for lower radiation

Steri-Shield - an array of holders- reusable and disposable for all digital sensors. Go to Website and click on "Free Samples"

Kerr Total Care (Pinnacle) KwikBite Senso for Bitewings and SuperBite Senso for Periapicals - Autoclavable

ClikRay inexpensive set for any sensor or phosphor plate

Crosstex New line of sensor barriers with cushions (Strong Dental)

1Shot from New Zealand- simple system- just chosen by Instrumentarium 

New from Rinn/Dentsply- holders for Dexis, bitewing "tabs, Eeze grip

Instant dental film   Ergonom-x   Ergonom-x-e-speed-x-ray-film      When your processor or sensor is broken.

Portable Handheld Xray head  Aribex Nomad


Xray Scanners (old listing- model numbers and prices may change) - digital scanners with light box in lid to copy old xrays

            NOTE- websites tend to show basic unit- you need the optional Transparency Adapter

            Many of these are now available on EBay and Craigs list

    Epson Expresssion 1680 Pro 8.5x11 $1200 scans pans and most FMX

    Microtek Scanmaker 8700 8x10 $731 have to trim the pan

    Microtek Scanmaker 9600 XL 11x15" $1075 Scans pans and larger FMX

    Microtek ScanMaker 9800 XL 12x16" $1450 Firewire

    UMAX PowerLook 2100XL 11x17" $1270 Scans Pans and largest FMX

    UMAX PowerLook 11100 8.5x10 $899 (check ebay)


   NewTom ( Biolase)  J MoritaImaging Sciences (iCat), Gendex, Carestream, Instrumentarium, vatech, Prexion ( terrarecon), MyRay, Suni and more

Lasers (Diode)

Denmat has acquired Zila and the NV laser, formerly Zap - it is pen sized and totally portable.  Denmat also has a new diode laser called SOL

AMD Laser has hit the marketplace with a low cost diode, the   Picasso Lite      as well as the more powerful Picasso. The latter can be also used for laser bleaching. New hard tissue laser LiteTouch at a low cost.

Biolase Well known for the Waterlase  has introduce the compact iLase 3 watts ( 5 peak) .

Technology4Medicine  1064 diode with full screen on front containing controls and instructional videos. I have to mention their new hard tissue laser Fotona Lightwalker 

CAO new laser (Precise SHP) with Ipod controller   

Laser Hard Tissue

Some mentioned above- Biolase, Fotona

Solea CO2 hard tissue laser from Convergent Dental  - very fast and 90% anesthesia free.


Kavo new electric HP smaller lightweight  ComfortDrive  Also the  Kavo MasterTorque Air handpiece  with high torque and Direct stop Technology that stops bur in 1 second

Midwest Stylus ATC New electric/air hybrid HP    Lightweight handpiece with look and feel of standard air turbine model. Uses computer/electric controls to adjust air pressure to maintain constant torque.

BienAir just introduced a smaller electric. They also have theiChiroPro implant Handpiece  which uses an iPad as the controller   as well as new   BienAir-iOptima controlled by an iPod   

     Newest addition the air turbine   TORNADO   - 30 watts and very quite. Top of the market today

Scican just introduced a smaller electric

Morita Twin Power Turbine- unique design for more torque

Digital Caries Detection

 Air Techniques Spectra       Florescence give image with color and number map- almost looks like Doppler Radar

Acteon SoproLife  (now SoproCare) caries detection unit- uses blue fluorescence to show pre-op caries as well as caries DURING preparation 

Canary system from Canada .Multi functional caries detection. Tracks decalcification and remineralization accurately.

Kavo Diagnodent   still holds a firm grip on this arena

New transillumination system  Dexis Carivu  can "see" interproximal lesions as well as fractures with light no radiation.

CS 1600 Carestream (

Brand New 2014 CALCIVIS Caries Activity Imaging system

Lantis Laser- seems to be in hyperspace right now:  -still in development- uses strong beam of light the scans the tooth and yields a CT like scan using OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography)  

  ADDENT Microlux Transillumination device- (great for seeing fractures, endo access at a low cost)

      SDI Radii curing light has a transillumination attachment

          Midwest Caries ID uses LEDs and sound to detect caries (was NEKS   D-Carie and DetcTar (calculus detection) ) not distributed currently

Caries Assessment New assessment service for caries vulnerability. 


Clinical products mentioned

Garrison Dental- sectional matrices, Composi-Tight 3D rings, Blue View strips, grip strips and more

Triodent- sectional matrices, V3 Rings, GripTabs and more -Distributed by Ultradent

Physics Forceps by Golden Dental Solutions- actually should be called Physics Elevators- watch the video online for an explanation. Changed the way I look at extractions- many are now easy and a-traumatic to the patient ( and the dentist).

    New grafting products available in  2014 from Golden

WamKey simple crown removal system distributed by Golden  (one of my person favorite products)

6 Month Smiles- take this course and learn how to do cosmetic orthodontics fast and efficiently. New ConfiDex uses digital technology and has an orthodontist planning the cases.

  FastBraces,   Invisalign ,   ClearCorrect   CFAST      and many more are in the marketplace.

Propel Orthodontics      is a method to accelerate ANY orthodontic treatment. crown remover with  Sandy Pardue   at the helm ( and daughter Dana) recently acquired by

Headlights/Magnification Loupes

Ultralight Optics Featherlight LED light weighs 4 grams. Connectors for all models of loupes, glasses and goggles

High Q Optics Clip-on LED light EOS- very bright 4500 footcandles. Many other interesting products on their site

Dentlight has the Nano LED light at 11 grams ( new model reported to be 6) and 4200 footcandles- other units are more . Company also has one of the most powerful and compact curing lights (Fusion)

LumaDent- new entry into the tiny /powerful headlight arena. Very cost effective pricing.

Orascoptic new Freedom light for loupes. Battery pack is in the frames- no wire to a clip-on pack. Touch controls- no buttons.

         Latest from Orascoptics is Eye Zoom    allowing the user to change from 3 through 5x

Rose MicroSolutions- a low cost high quality loupes company. Clipons start at under $300- a good place to start if you dont use them or want an inexpensive set for staff.

Designs for Vision LED Advantage, DayLite, DayLite Mini as well as the DayLite TWIN beam

Surgitel- The Odyssey Max and Mini, as well as the high intensity Xenon Fiberoptic lights

SheerVision The original Firefly as well as Infinity Ultra and V-Ray

Dental Drug information

Lexi-Comp software that runs on your computers or smartphone- drug descriptions and interactions, targeting dental procedures and common drugs


Dental Camera Kits

Photomed ( Mike McKenna and staff) or



                Clinipix - Fred Friedman  and his wife have been in the dental camera business for more years than you want to know. Great service.                  

                Norman Camera ( Andy Thompson, Brett Beier)

                Lester Dine dinecorp

                National Camera Exchange ( Rick Spaulding)

                 NEW- LED Ring flash with programmable wings- Doctors Eyes plus excellent set of mirrors

                 Pro Photo Supply  

                  Dental Learning Centers  new shade matching system available using digital photos.

Current recommendations are on the above websites- Canon, Nikon, Olympus seem to be most popular. 

   Camera models change very often-

Storing and sorting images

 Thumbs Plus Excellent product for organizing all of your digital images

NEW!! Photodontics from Cerious. Low cost full featured dental imaging. Free product from Google for photo organization on your computer  Wireless SD card that will transmit images from your camera to a local computer or cloud- called MOBI

Intraoral Cameras     Separate review page in the website

New cameras

Airtechniques Polaris and Luna HD   ,  Carestreamdental 1200 and 1500   ACTEON Sopro  617 and 717    Digital Doc IRIS HD,   Dexis Dexcam3    SuniCam   Schick USB Cam 4      and more

DrQuickLook- all in one unit- no computer required. Patient holds a small screen and is shown captured images. 

Imaging/Photo resources

     Digital Dentist   

    Smile Vision   Send your "before" photos-they send you "after" since they are a dental lab, they will also work up your   models

    Smilepix Send your "before" photos and these artists will send you back "afters"

         Dr. Martin Goldstein imaging seminars ( further information r   or )

        Dr. Goldstein also has the "Fracture Book"

        Esthetic Dentistry/ Smile Guide This company has MANY books and products including Denture         Guide  by Dr.Joe Massad, Digital photography book by Dr. Bob Maher and Fracture book for patients - Dr. Marty Goldstein- plus a nice set of posters for your office. 

             CIEOS- imaging as well as digital radiography imaging Visora

NEW  Photodontics- a product of ( Thumbs Plus) 

Implant Design with CAD (new companies proliferating rapidly and some of these have changed websites with acquisitions)

 SIMPLANT ,,,,,,, , Keystone (EasyGuide), AstraTech (Facilitate) , Anamotage InVivo

Also Atlantis Implant Abutments from AstraTech

         3D Diagnostix (               

         Anatomage (      

         BlueSkyPlan (  

         CoDiagnotix (

         iDent (        

         Simplant by Dentsply (       

         SICAT by Sirona (  ( A Sirona company)

Imaging Centers - here are some examples. Regional centers will be mentioned at each seminar.

360 Imaging  Atlanta center has iCats and Iluma CT for patient scans. Doctors can send in scans for analysis and treatment planning. More centers opening in 2007, 2008

Northwest Radiography-  Several locations in Washington State- imaging centers where dentists can refer patients for scans. Manhattan and Brooklyn

Mobile CBCT vans- come to your office. In Mass/RI MMI

Shade systems  (Links need to he updated here)

   Clear Match (Smart) ( Software- all you need is your digital camera and their Black and White card) Now at Digital Learning Centers

     VITA EasyShade         small and easy to use.

Vita has also revamped the physical shade guide- 3-D Master Guide and a new classic guide that is autoclavable. If you are using your ancient shade guide the colors may have changed- time for a new one.

THE LADDER- a unique non digital approach to shade matching. This is a very different shade guide that uses photographs of subtle characteristics of teeth allowing the dentist to transmit concepts to the lab. It goes way beyond just "the shade". At about $250 (although your lab will need a copy too-you can get 2 for $400) you will save hours of remakes.

Ozone caries therapy

new products will be mentioned from the podium