Digital Cameras  

Canon 40D the latest in the series of fine cameras for top of the line dental photography. 30D was the standard after it replaced 20D. If you find either of these older units, you can get a bargain and still a great camera. 

Canon has the Rebel XTi which is almost the same electronically as the 30D with a less sophisticaated case and a few less features. It is actually a little lighter in weight whcih could be an advantage

Nikon changes the models faster than they can be posted or reviewed. D100 is stil a top of the line unit while D80 and D40 continue to impress

Kodak has a dental camera kit that is basically a point and shoot dummy proof camera for basic dental photography. It incorporates a clever ring flash that is merely a fiberoptic bundle in a circle that uses the main flash for illumination. P712 comes in a kit with printer ( dye sub) and the flash all for about $1,800. 

Web Resource  ( Digital Photography Review) is a terrific site to get all details about almost all of the digital cameras in the marketplace. It is not a dental site- it is general photography but the applications remain the same. Phil Askey is the brains behind this project. .If you want to stay right on top of things, you can subscribe to a weekly email newsletter with the latest camera info as it appears in the marketplace. 


Dealers (Dental)

Photomed ( Mike McKenna and staff) or



Dual mirror

           Oralume LED  or            

                   Norman Camera ( Andy Thompson, Brett Beier)

                    Polaroid Macro5

                    Lester Dine dinecorp (note it is called dineonline- however is a restaurant review site)

                    National Camera Exchange ( Rick Spaulding)      (Rick Spaulding)

    Calumet Camera

    Northwest US:    Pro Photo Supply  

                                Dental Learning Centers


Kodak DICOM (Practiceworks)

    ImageFX/ Cosmetix  As of 4/1/06 SciCan is not supporting this product. I believe Benco has reinvented it. 

    Vipersoft now called clarity

    Digital Dentist    Lorin Library at digident

    Smile Vision   Send your "before" photos-they send you "after" since they are a dental lab, they will also work up your   models

    Smilepix Send your "before" photos and these artists will send you back "afters"

         Dr. Martin Goldstein imaging seminars ( further information r   or )

        Dr. Goldstein also has the "Fracture Book"

        Esthetic Dentistry/ Smile Guide

    Tom Hedge Digital Dentistry

         CIEOS- new product 2007 Visora

Thumbs Plus Excellent product for organizing all of your digital images

NOTE- late 2007 Cerious has introduced an inexpensive imaging product PHOTODONTICS . Amazing amount of features for a fraction of what you would expect to pay ( about $800) Free product from Google for photo organization on your computer