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Internet Dental Forum- the best way to keep up with dentistry. This is a newsgroup where dental professionals around the world share techniques, problems, dental issues and more. If you can send email, you can do this. (Note- you will get as many as 50 messages a day). Founded by David Dodell, DMD, THE dental internet guru now at Midwestern University as the Dental Informatics Coordinator. A small annual membership fee ($80 US). Correspond, compare notes, learn and commiserate with your peers.

ACEsthetics (formerly genR8Next maillist)-Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics. Al network for promoting the benefits of functional esthetic dentistry. The list is comprised of speakers, clinicians, dentists, manufacturers, team members, suppliers & consultants sharing information FREE OF CHARGE for the betterment of the profession.( New premier membership with a small fee gets discounts on several products as well as preferred rates at acethetics meetings). Schmooze online with some of the biggest names in dentistry. genR8TNext/ACEthetics was founded by Dr. Mike Maroon, Dr. Anthony Vocaturo & Dr. Tim Hale. Their courses on digital photography, marketing and other areas are first class.  For more information, http://www.acesthetics.com/

DentalTown Go online with 40,000 or so dental professionals an share ideas on all aspects of dentistry and life. Howard Farran's brainchild. Great Annual meetings in Las Vegas to meet your fellow Townies in person. Information from the dental professionals in the trenches.

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Updating- a number of new online opportunities are available. Watch this space.


FindCE.com  Kent Smith DDS has a vision. Set up a resource for all CE programs and have an unbiased method of evalutating them. This is both a resource to course takers and course presenters.


Lorne Lavine's "The Digital Dentist"  

Marty Jablow's "Dental Technology Blog"

John Flucke's Award winning  "Dental Technology Blog"

DDSGadget- a Dental Blog for all sorts of dental technology discussions. Easy format to get and give information. One of the notable contributors is yours truly. 

OsseoNews.com a resource and blog for implant related information. It has reached an international status as a resource. 



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1800DENTIST- This company is much more than a referral phone number. A large staff and fully equipped call center can screen the patients before they call your office. They offer many practice management and practice promotion services too numerous to mention here. If you haven't looked at them for a while, do it now. 

  dentalreferral.com site has been around for a number of years

TeethWeb.net has a large base (international) and offers many levels of service. you can start as low as $20 per YEAR! They offer web design, hosting etc.

4smile.com is actually a connection to customers of American Business Card company. You can get a listing in their site and if you are a card customer you can get a free website. There are also several very good links here.

There are several companies that will design and maintain your office website, or optimize ( including getting better search results) you existing site. These are noted in the "internet handout" on the main page of this site. 

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CAESY  Now on the web- Caesy Cloud- no hardware other than your browser- on any device.

The premier system in patient education and is part of the Patterson Dental Company. You should have this in every treatment room.It can show a dental procedure to any patient far better than our typical little drawings. The Smile Channel disk is also a wonderful adjunct to run in a waiting room or constantly on the screen during a hygiene visit. Also a wonderful children's module complete with talking dogs and monkeys. There is also a network version- Enterprise-(800) 505-4430 or contact your Patterson rep.

GURU  (Howdoyouguru.com) is a robust library of patient education videos and excellent animations. IT is cloud based and will run on any web browser.

Dental Wizard seems to have disappeared in mid 2013. I will leave the link up until i know what happened. 

Consult Pro  A comprehensive patient education and marketing system. Its strength is in treatment planning that is piggybacked on the excellent animated modules. In 17 languages and available in 32 countries.

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Proctor and Gamble a great starting place for any dental professional. News, information, continuing ed and very easy links to Medline ( for comprehensive medical information about disease, drugs, etc.).

net32 online ordering with amazing specials. Once you sign up you are notified by email of current specials. They work with several distributors and manufacturers, getting you the best deals. 

DentalCompare.com- a comprehensive site with information on most of the dental products and equipment you are looking to purchase. In addition, many product reviews are available in print of via video by some of the biggest names in the profession. 

Web Dental Large "dental database" many links and listings.

New Dental web sites of note

Sites Directed to Hygienists ( but interesting to all!)  Booper.gif (1862 bytes)

The Toothfairy A nice resource for patients and professionals.

Online Magazines/ newsletters 

E-Dental online magazine. A resource  with news, manufacturers links, product information, reviews and a lot more. It looks like a good one.You can subscribe at the website and you will receive it in your email weekly.

Dentistry IQ from PennWell publishing is an up to date resource for the latest dental news and articles. It also has an extensive archive of articles from all of the PennWell publications including Dental Economics, RDH. Online CE is also there. 

Remote Access

Did you ever wish you could access your office software from home? you can set up all sorts of VPNs, and other Windows services or just pay a small monthly fee for one of these:

GoToMyPC.com Install this in minutes- with a mouse click and secure password, the office computer appears right on your screen with all access to the PM software, files, etc. You can even back up files form office to home and vice versa. Multi location offices will also find this very useful. The company has several other remote products including web conferencing and remote support. 

LogMeIn.com is another network that will allow remote access. There is a free version that you can use- it can be used to read and operate your office computers but cannot transfer files in the free version. 

ImInTouch.net is a new competitor offering a 30 day free trial. 

Dental Humor   Smiling.gif (1578 bytes)

Dr. Bukk The original "fake teeth" site- very funny and well done

Doc  Hemp- this guy is out there- a little risqué for a dental site

Miscellaneous Dental

Replacement Parts Industries, Inc. replacement parts for dental  equipment-sterilizers, vacuum, compressors- they deal directly with repair people.


Digital Radiography Click here for info- These links have a page of their own!

Imaging, Intraoral Cameras Click here for these links

Voice Recognition Software- Talk to your computer and have it type



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Funny stuff

New sites are coming. email me some ideas- try to keep this "R" or under,


Bagel Oasis  fresh bagels from Queens NY FedEx'd to you

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Beatles MIDI files  complete catalog in MIDI by David Barnes. He is possessed- Also other artists. (Thanks to MIDI guru Greg Hersh).


The Official MAME Emulator Page All of your favorite old arcade games MAME is an "emulator" that allows the old arcade programs like PacMan, Dig Dug, etc will run on your computer exactly like they did in the arcade. Takes a little time to figure it out, but if you are a kid at heart- this is it.

Web Services          Webup.gif (5702 bytes)

Design your own web page online Homestead.com- spend a little time and have your own page- low monthly charge- what else could you want. easy designer- you don't have to understand programming- put up your own website for $5/month

Dental Web site deisgners- check back here shortly for a list of some premier site builders.

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These companies allow you to back up your important data to a website. No more carrying around tapes, zip disks, Cds etc. Also, if you travel and need access to files, just go to the site and get them. 

                              UPDATING NEW SERVICES


The "other" drpaul ( medical pediatric information) a terrific site from my namesake- he is a pediatrician in Canada and has a wealth of patient information. A lot on pediatric allergies and asthma. We actually arranged to meet in Boston a few years ago and seemed to be cosmically connected.

Health Central   Dr. Dean Edell, radio doc, has a great resource here. Search for health information and get the latest health news.It is written for the lay person, but can be technical enough to help you answer most medical questions.

WebMD A good resource if you need information on diseases.There are forums and health news.

Proctor and Gamble This web site has a direct and simple link to Medline ( National Library of Medicine) which can search almost all medical journals for information on any medical topic. 


Urban legends- SNOPES.CON Is Microsoft really giving out hundreds of dollars? Are kidneys being stolen? check out those rumors here. Or another site here  Urban legends

Search Engines            Search2.gif (2295 bytes)

These engines search using many popular searches simultaneously.


UPDATING THESE 6/1/2012 Beyond Google and Yahoo

AskJeeves.com This is one of the best search sites. Just type in a question-it seems to understand English. ( or go to http://www.ask.com ) Also askjeeves for kids

copernic This is the only one in the list that requires you to download software. However, it is worthwhile. You can save the searches on your hard drive. They also recommend two other products that make web browsing easier. Free download.
        Gozilla- which manages your downloads, and allows you to stop and resume the downloads. It  is especially nice if you have gotten to the end of a 3 hour   download and lose the connection.

Website of all search engines. allonesearch    Maybe a little too much information.

dogpile.com Check 13 search engines simultaneously.

mamma.com   metasearch engine - 7 web search engines

search.com Multiple search engines

northernlight.com -A different type of site- not only searches web sites but also periodicals and books. Great for research. Fee based.

 Coming Soon

Dental Labs

Dental Practice Management


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