Internet and web site information

Shopping "bots"- If you are looking for a good price on something you can go to several sites yourself, or use one of these free services. Each one goes through a set of predetermined sites and gives you a list of possiblities.

Inernet answering machine- If you have one phone line, use one of these services. If your line is busy, they will put a mesage on your screen alterting you that someone is calling. If you choose to stay on the web, the caller can leave a message which is played through your computer speakers, while you are still online.

Spruce up your website. Here are links that will help you register your web site and get you a better position in the search sites.

Extra disk space on the web- sign up with one of these services and you can get from 25-300 MB of free storage space on the web.

Looking for a free ISP ( internet service provider)?